CAD PRO Design is a leading PCB design bureau with significant experience in traditional, RF and high speed PCB layout.Our company is built on a foundation of high quality coupled with friendly yet professional PCB layout services.Whether you require PCB design and layout services or have a combination of PCB design requirements that will transform your idea into a real product,CAD PRO DESIGN can team you up to make it happen,on-time & on-budget.

PCB LAYOUT DESIGN,Sch Capture,Library Managment,Reverse Engineering and EDA Translation

We have simplified the task of integrating,migrating and archiving design data from various EDA platforms (Cadence,Mentor Boardstation,Mentor PADS, Expedition,Protel/P-CAD,Orcad,Altium etc.).

PCB Layout Design

With carefully thought-out design with experize in Digital/Analog Design High/Low Speed Analog RF design Timing constraints Crosstalk analysis EMC Compliance High Density Placements Highly constrained routing BGA Technology small pitch.

Schematic Design

Full support of Layout tools using dxDesigner,HDL Concept,Logic,Orcad or DC Capture.We can also provide support for some other EDA tolls like Eagle.We can generate schematics from your sketches ,accept any net-list format.

Library Development

Creation of supporting EDA tools for sch and pcb Symbol and footprints using various library tools based on IPC-7351 standards.Full Integration with MCAD 3D models

MCAD 3D and Mechanical

Once a PCB is designed and laid out with components it would be ideal to check the assembly against its counterpart components, such as enclosures or housings.In the past,it was exporting the PCB design in some form of MCAD compatible format and relaying on mechanical designers to do the check.Today highly integarted with libraries you can see the 3D models of every board you design.

PCB Layout Design,HyperLynx SI,PI

We provide service in Cadence Allegro, Mentor Pads,Expedition,PCAD,Altium Designer.We can also provide SI solutions using Hyperlinx.We can help Thremal Control issues

Our Process

1. Requirements & Specifications

2. Preliminary Design with Mechanical Review.

3. Critical PCB Design Placment Review.

4. PCB design routing,library creation of 3D Models .

5. Production Readiness ,Gerber data Valor Check.

6. Delivery of Bare PCB Boards and full Assembly.

Mentor Graphics’ Valor NPI and Hyperlinx DRC

Valor NPI ensures a smooth transition from PCB design to fabrication, and on to assembly and test. The Valor NPI platform provides comprehensive DFM analysis, applied in parallel with your design flow for maximum advantage, or on design completion. By combining the Valor NPI manufacturing data creation tools and DFM, the manufacturing level product-model can be fully prepared for handoff to process-preparation.HyperLynx® DRC performs PCB design rule checks for issues affecting EMI/EMC, signal integrity, and power integrity.